Welcome to CrossFit Heavy Steel

Welcome to CrossFit Heavy Steel!  Here we are solely a CrossFit facility that is persistent in the training and the health of our athletes.  We have a camaraderie amongst our athletes that we feel separates us from other gyms.  With our highly skilled trainers and encouraging atmosphere, CrossFit Heavy Steel is a perfect environment for anybody to better themselves.

Workout Of The Day

  • 12/15/17

    3 rounds
    21 Deadlifts 185/125
    15 Pull-ups
    9 Front squats 185/125

  • 12/14/17

    Snatch - 3x2 @ work up to 2 rep MAX

    3 rounds
    30 Front rack lunges 95/65
    30 sit-ups
    30 legs levers
    400m run

    *20 minutes time cap

  • 12/13/17

    Bench - 2x1 (Work up to MAX)

    800m run

    Then AMRAP
    9 Pushups
    7 WB cleans 20/14
    5 Ring dips

    *12 Min time cap

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