Caleb Grazier - Owner/Trainer

I was raised in Oologah, Oklahoma and graduated high school from there.  After high school I went onto to play college football at Northeastern State University as an offensive lineman.  While in college, I earned my Bachelor's in Business Management with a Minor in Kinesiology.  After that I went onto graduate school and earned my Master's in Business Administration.

Sports and Fitness has been a huge part of my life.  Staying fit and watching others better themselves everyday brings happiness to my life.  The joys I get from being a CrossFit trainer is seeing all of the athletes not only pushing themselves to the limit everyday, but pushing others to do their best.  Being able to share my strengths and abilities with others and seeing them grow is priceless.

Since opening CrossFit Heavy Steel, I have seen our athletes do things they never thought they could ever do.  Seeing them conquer a WOD or complete a specific movement and looking at the joy on their face is what makes me feel good about what is happening at CrossFit Heavy Steel.

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
-Vince Lombardi 

Competitive Experience:

Heart of America 4 Team Competition  Springfield, MO - 2nd Place
Fittest of OK Team - 7th
Durant Team WOD for Asia - 1st

Erin Hoefer

            Erin is a full-time mother, wife, owner of EMH Marketing, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Originally from Iola, KS, Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Public Relations from Washburn University in Topeka, where she was a member of a performance and competitive dance team.

Erin spent years performing and competing in jazz and ballet, then after having two daughters; Lauren and Natalie, she began running, taking aerobics classes, and working out somewhat ineffectively at globo gyms. In need of excitement and change, she began CrossFit after a friend recommended she try it, and as many people do, quickly fell in love with it. Now, it’s a family affair – she and her husband, Brian, WOD daily and often enter competitions together.

Erin loves encouraging all athletes to new and greater achievements, and believes the CrossFit Community and philosophy continually enables such gains. “We often sell ourselves short and convince ourselves that we’re not capable of things. CrossFit changes that.”

Competitive Experience:

Heart of America 4 Team Competition  Springfield, MO - 2nd Place
Fittest of OK Team - 7th
Durant Team WOD for Asia - 1st

Daniel Ikner

Jorge Forero

I am originally from Costa Rica, Central America where I grew up playing all sorts of sports. I enjoyed being the competitive environment and general camaraderie of sports. During my college years I continued with an active lifestyle and played Rugby with my college team as well as many Intramural sports.

Shortly after college and entering the work force my body started to change - I became sedentary and got overweight! A decade later I had put on over 40 pounds and became generally unhealthy. That's when I decided I needed a change - a friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit and after my first couple of workouts I knew I had found my new sports passion.

I decided to become a CrossFit trainer because I enjoy working with new, intermediate, and advanced athletes. I believe that if a person is active and lives a healthy lifestyle, they will reap the benefits – not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. My goal is to guide, coach, and encourage the athletes at CrossFit Heavy Steel to push themselves every day to achieve their goals. I want to push everyone out of their comfort zone and into an area where “I can’t” turns into “I will!”

“Stronger people are harder to kill than weak people, and are more useful in general.” — Mark Rippetoe

Laurie Garrison

After high school and college I started out being a fitness trainer and aerobics instructor for many years at a variety of gyms along with training for fitness competitions and was a semi professional cheerleader for a few years (for those who know me don’t laugh at the part about me being a cheerleader) but I always felt like something was missing from my workouts.

Fitness has always been my passion in life. From a young age I realized that exercising not only made me look and feel better, it also made me a more balanced person.  The first time I tried a CrossFit class was 4 years ago and I am so thankful for that day because it’s the type of workout I’ve always been looking for that I could NEVER get at a regular gym.  After just one class I was addicted. I’ve been doing CrossFit ever since that day, 4 years ago and love every minute of training and coaching. Today I have the privilege of training/coaching at one of the best CrossFit boxes in Owasso.

This is my family. This is a community of people who come in every day even though they might be terrified of the workout. They come in and push themselves to their inherent limit, and then they keep going. I get to witness this hard work and determination every single day, and it’s made me a better person and continues to make me a better coach.

Level 1 Cert 2009
Mobility Cert 2010

Traci Forero

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Arami Goldstein

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Brett Allen

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